Introducing ‘A Community Guidebook’ - Edition 1: Creator Acquisition for a festival

March 19, 2020


Krithi  is an international festival of books and authors. It opens up a vast world of literature for readers, budding writers, and literature enthusiasts of different generations.


Kochi, Kerala


Feb 6th to the 16th, 2020


I felt the opportunity to perform at a prestigious festival like Krithi, where a lot of creatives collaborate, would be an amazing platform for Joynt creators to showcase their talents and grow. 


It went better than I could imagine. The responses from Krithi organisers and the audience were very positive. I or any of the Joynt artists, who performed, didn't expect such an intimate audience and feedback.

How did you take your first step towards the fest? 

I owe my thanks to Mr Prasad who was the Creative Director of the festival. I first was introduced to him as my design instructor at my college. He was an immensely down-to-earth man who worked a lot different than the rest. I considered him a guide, more than a teacher, as he used to listen to our perspectives and value them enough to help us grow as individuals. As a musician myself, I fostered a deeper connection with him because of his love for music. I still remember how he used to play classical and Hindustani music during class and how it brought all of us peace during times of stress/dread. 

It was opportune to build a relationship with him with college music events. We even sang together at a few! This connection did not waver after college. He was always in touch with me and called me when it came to a musical dilemma. This time he called me for Kriti. 

Collaboration: a pathway to the future 

Joynt has already been working on building up a creator community base in Kochi. A festival like Kriti was a perfect opportunity for Joynt creators to showcase their talent and draw more eyes their way and to our group. 

One person that got me to come on board and feeling motivated was Aagiya. After I got the offer I found out that she was the one who referred me. She has been one of my best friends and a constant source of support since our college days. She was the official illustrator for Kriti. I have always admired her work. I have never seen her without spots of paint on her hands or clothes. She could wear plain clothes or branded ones, it wouldn’t matter to her. She was always so absorbed in her work - I always respected that. I believe that because we were both creatives and passionate about our crafts, our friendship thrives. A collaboration for Kriti started to look absolutely enchanting.

TIP: A lot of collaborations always focus on trust! Even though a lot of sponsorship on Instagram these days could be money-oriented, you need to trust the person you are collaborating with to respect your perspective and your work. If not, the result won’t be a harmonious work of two, rather, it would absorb the conflicts the two of you face. So in my experience, even though the person you end up choosing has their limitations -  you should trust something you love (your work) to someone known.

Thoughts Brewing At Joynt 

After collecting the details from Aagiya, I talked to Vijay about Kriti. He loved the idea of collaboration. Because this was an offline event, Vijay specified to me to go the extra mile and ensure the comfort of the creators whom we planned to work with for Kriti.

“A couple of reasons I believed this to be a great opportunity was:

1. Kriti Festival is an international initiative by the Kerala government. It is attended by CM of Kerala, Shashi Tharoor and host over 250 stalls and 150 national and international speakers. This is the third edition of the fest so being fairly new yet reputed struck a nice balance for a collaboration.

2. Our creators performed in front of an audience of 1000 + people. Most of the musicians haven’t performed in front of a diverse audience. This gave them opportunities for growth. Also, since the crowd was outside the regulars of the music industry they increased their reach into a new domain! 

3. The opportunities the fest was giving Joynt in terms of marketing also helped us gain momentum in Kochi, ” Vijay (Co-founder of Joynt) noted. 

An Artist Collective

The first step after accepting the opportunity was a search for creators. Since it was quite a short deadline, I tried to contact creators from or around Kochi. I also searched for creators belonging to different genres because I wanted to show our diversity as a platform even from the music field itself. I eventually short-listed and invited 15 artists for the 3-day event. I was relieved that all of them agreed to be a part of the festival, even though one or two were swayed over a face to face banter. 

Pre-planning and Preparing 

Managing the event was more challenging than usual because of the limited time frame we had for marketing. But with an efficient team back in the office it went quite smooth! The Krithi team agreed to do our branding on the venues where Joynt Artists performed. We had standees on stage, posters, and an LED wall with our logo. Most of the backdrops also had our blue coloured logo at large as you can see through the pictures in this blog. I believe this bit was very important for the company as well as the artists. It helped our talents to gain credibility and a pathway for them to get more sustainable gigs and events. For Joynt, more curious people came streaming in through the platform to see what it was all about. 

A perfect roll-out

When the festival arrived we were all ready to begin the show. We had our musicians spread across the three days. This is how it all went down: 

12th January (day one): An unplugged concert by Athul Subramanian(singer)and Rahul Shenoy(acoustic guitar)

*The Crowd Pleasers

Athul and Rahul’s curiosity brought them to Joynt. They always had an interest in artist communities but with Joynt going the extra mile and having an app truly got them intrigued. Their choice of music was around nostalgia - which engaged and entertained the crowd very well. A lot of enquiries came up about the artists right after the event.

13th January (day two): We had an unplugged concert performance by Abhijith(flute),Roopesh Induchoodan(violin), Sanoop Louis(wood cajon) and me(keyboard)

Then a Veena kacheri by Bhanu Ullas (veena) and Goutham Gopal (tabla).

14th January (day three): Lastly, a show by "Down by Six" as a Valentines' day special. 

“Being an emerging music band in Kochi, to have our second performance in a platform like Kriti was super exciting for us! One of the main happiness for us was that, even after the show, the audience requested us to play some of their favourites and we were happy to have that intimate session with them,” says Stivin (Drummer, DownBy6)(


The Close Collaborators 

Rahul Radhakrishnan (Visualizer) and Aswathy Krishna (Animator) were the main heads of all the creatives in Krithi. Ajith Menon (Photographer), Jordin Mathew (Photographer), Rahul Murali (Cinematographer), were the other three members of the media team of Kriti headed by Jaiby (Media Team Head). They showed immense love and support throughout the event. They were the ones who shot the videos and stills for each creator and I couldn’t be more grateful for their camaraderie.

A day of Joy 

There are many talented creators who are honest to their art but still struggle to access many platforms like that of Kriti due to the absence of marketing and resources. Being a part of Joynt, I felt happy to be able to bridge this gap.



If you would like to join our tribe, connect with us here:

Edition 1: Creator Acquisition for a festival

Written by Anamay Prakash

Edited by Samyama Kolhapuri