Organising Our First Event In A Week

February 21, 2019

By the Thevara canal on a pleasant windy evening, we welcomed creators of each form of artistic expression to ‘The Cricket Village’, Cochin. As Joynt’s first ‘Exclusive Creators Meet’ our image of the evening was quite hazy until a beautiful flow of openness and conversation took over.

Creators like; Ajayan Chalissery - Film art director; Niyog Krishna from Niyogtales - a traveller and photographer; Anarkali Marikar - actress; Rohan Mathews Malancharuvil- lead vocalist for Evergreen; Abraham Vadakkan - Theatre actor; Atheena Wilson from Curiousytea - writer and product stylist/photographer; and more, collaborated in realizing the true barriers creators face in the arts industry today. 

We hope to host more such events in the near future, in cities like; Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. As a community-based company, we believe in listening and understanding each creator we work with and base the app on their insights into the industry and needs.

Heard about this event?  - What Happened Behind The Scene

As a company who encourages openness and acceptance more than hate comments - Everyone is HUMAN - we are letting you in on our perspective of our first event. 

An opening act by Rohan and Jeffin from Evergreen

Our Top 3 Disasters:

  • Venue disasters: Let’s just say, the vibrant cover did not equal to the pages of the book. 
  • Scorching Sunlight: 4 pm was a bad time to begin! The strong sun glared down on our venue, but most of our guests decided to be fashionably late - to our relief. 
  • Chief Guest: While we thought we would be honoured by Elwin Charly’s presence, we heard he was unable to make it because he was taken ill. After we wished him well, we started moping around, until we got into a conversation with the gracious Ajayan Chalissery - who agreed to grace us. We were incredibly joyous. 

Our team in their roles:

Sagar Ramteke

Sagar Ramteke, Co-founder: As a man who always knows what to do, Sagar was quite restless, seeking a role to be useful in. The feeling of not being in his comfort zone - location-wise was much noticed yet he kept his spirits up! Even the smallest of tasks like passing around drinks or moving chairs, he accomplished with a large grin. Much later in the event, he passionately led the team through a smooth schedule and shared a very personal story - about his family and why Joynt is important to him. He has always been our pragmatic leader.

Vijay Goel, Co-founder: Vijay’s curiosity was boundless. He took up every small task that was pending. He stapled leaflets, walked around inspecting each corner of the place, and gazed curiously at everyone speaking in Malayalam - hoping that subtitles would pop up below their conversations and he would suddenly start understanding the beautiful language. He did not sit still. He walked and talked and got everyone, including the kitchen staff, smiling. Later in the event, you could see him chatting up most of the creators and listening intently to what everyone has to say. He is our persevering mentor.

Vishnu Vijayan, Lead UI designer: Vishnu had the task of escorting our chief guest, Ajayan Chalissery. As a massive fan of Malayalam movies, he was shaking with nervousness and excitement. Up till today, when we ask him what happened in that car, he won’t tell us anything. After he got back, he was hyper and eager - being everywhere and nowhere. He was seen as a tall broad figure walking around with his Mac and talking to people about the designs and how easy the app is to use. He is our humour dictionary.

Anamay Prakash

Anamay Prakash, Designer/Business Development: We barely saw him. Seriously, he was a ghost. Before the event, he managed every single person who was working with us and he was continually on his phone. His commitment and dedication to the event and Joynt was inspiring. He was tired, kept mumbling in his sleep, but he got us through! Even during the event, Vijay’s nudge towards the stage - got him up there. His openness and honesty helped the audience feel more comfortable in our open dialogue. He is our saviour.

Quick Joynt Facts! 

  • Est 2019 - early in this year
  • Created by 3 Co-founders, Sagar Ramteke, Vijay Goel and Vivek Kumar
  • Joynt is a chat-based platform focused on creator discoverability, engagement and monetization.