How to Get Started As A Creator

January 30, 2020

Hello Everyone, We are back to the blogs! In an effort to enliven creativity in everyone’s hearts we put together this step by step plan to get you up and at 'em. We are thrilled to be part of your journey. Please do leave your own tips on our Instagram post so that we can share in the knowledge and grow together. Let’s begin! 

  1. Niche It Out!

Begin by drawing a mindmap of all the things that make you happy. What are you drawn to? Also, jot down things you already are doing even if it’s irregular. 

Maybe you go to poetry readings once a month but you love to play the Veena, why not think about incorporating poetry in with your tunes? 

BE CREATIVE - take time to explore yourself. Each of us grew up in different households, in different cultures, around different interests and different normals. You are your niche. Being able to be the most yourself - away from the mainstream is what will truly get you places. 

  1. Belief + Pixie Dust = Flight  

Like Peter Pan said, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” ― J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Your belief in your concept moulded with the effort and passion you put in is the only way you can truly fly. 

  1. Your Grand Entrance

The best way to reach out to the world is through Social Media, there is no doubting that. BUT If you would like to wow, you could plan ahead! 

First, choose the perfect platform for your profile. If you are a visual creator you could choose Instagram and Behance. If you are drawn to music or videos you could choose youtube. If you are a comic you could try twitter. There is a platform for everyone. Choose what suits you.

Next, create a calendar and sort out 9 great posts that you could post on alternative days. This will give you time to get used to social media managing without having to worry about content and get you into the flow. 

Onwards, CONSISTENCY IS KEY - I know you have heard this multiple times. The fact is that by posting you are building a relationship with viewers. If you wanted to do it for yourself, why post at all? These viewers become your supporters and that is how they enact reciprocity. They will be there during your slumps to inspire you, they will criticize your work to help you get better and they will compliment you when they see your heart in it. The more you do the better you will get, both, at your work and with your supporters.


We all love exploration, but being fickle is not a good thing. Don’t forget your first step. You need to have clarity with what you are going for. If after a while you want to bring up something new, don’t hesitate! Start by sticking to your theme yet incorporating it into a more diverse range of creations. 

Ex. If I’m a painter who likes working with gothic themes but I want to move onto sculpting - stay true to your gothic theme and begin to create sculptures. If you suddenly want to do sculptures of sunflowers you can imagine the confusion of your users. BUT maybe by explaining and being honest about you viewing the sunflower structure as the most gothic flower shape, they would understand where you are getting at.    Whatever you do, be honest with your viewers just as you are towards yourself. 

Honesty is truly the best tip we can give you. You could turn your supporters into admirers and turn your haters into your supporters by being vocal with them. Treat them as you would someone standing in front of you, lot’s of people forget doing that. Also, to the people, you would call your competitors, treat them as mentors or friends. Be honest and comment on their creations, build relationships, collaborate. Be refreshing by being easy-going and open-minded. 

  1. Location Location Location

As your online portfolio evolves, so should your reach in the real world. Once you start posting you shall see yourself revolving around the topic. 

For example, if you are starting an illustrator profile - every time you head out you will be observing architecture design, prints in cabs, the colours of your environment, the way people dress and express themselves and more. These themes would strike you more because you are constantly on the hunt for things to illustrate. 

I am sure when events come up for your niche you would also be interested in attending. BE SOCIAL, get involved. Find your own group of like-minded souls. Spread the word about your work with a face (your face) attached to it. I am sure your charming self will win more people over than just your profile. 



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  1. Money X NO

Once you start earning with of your talent, don’t forget that money was never your goal. You dug deep into yourself to create this personal venture and poured hard work and endless amounts of ardour to make things work. Remember that your work, your freedom, your beliefs are more important than money. Stay true to you and honour your work.