November 2, 2019


Joynt is the 2.0 version of a secure messaging application Sagar Ramteke, Vijay Goel and Vivek Kumar, our founders, were experimenting with. They realised that the engagement on the app was beyond expectation, it was not only content going out that mattered but the conversations they had after. This got them thinking about the focus of the app and after some personal reflection they came through with the idea of supporting creative creators. They came together and resonated on building a platform to keep the needs of "India" as the central focus. As a fairly young platform, we have come through to a lot of creators who share in the vision we see.


At Joynt, creators can start an exclusive group for their fanbase or create a non-exclusive group with few paid sections (merchandise, early bird tickets, mentorship, behind the scene, etc).


India is filled with hundreds of cultures and languages - so the type of arts and expression itself is incredibly diverse. Most of the existing platforms work towards finding creators with a large mass appeal. There is no way a niche creator can be discovered and live a life supported solely by his work, that's where we come in. We will be a personal agent for such creators. We guide and support them on our platform and help them reach and engage with their ‘tribe’ - fans both online and offline. We let them get back to what’s more important, their art and their mission to keep their voice and culture alive.


Our name speaks to our vision, The app is designed to be a joint which shares joy (positivity). On the platform, things are more relaxed, unscripted and raw! Because we are ‘creator-focused’ platform, our users are the one which will be supervised by algorithms, so we can keep the environment filled with support, positive criticism and immense love.

The fans, in turn, will love the experience of truly communicating with their creator avoiding the impersonal and preachy content which is created to reach larger audiences on other platforms.