JOYNT STORIES: Shanil Rachelle Kunders

March 6, 2020

Shanil Rachelle Kunders on reviving your spirit to fight daily life challenges.

Who is Rachelle?

After Rachelle connected with Joynt, we were thrilled to have her unending enthusiasm bouncing about us. She often came to the office and talked to us about her life and goals. She confided in us that she had conducted one workshop and two training sessions but found it hard to find the connections/right people to keep that part of her life active. We had a starting point and from there we worked on. We wanted her to help inspire people with her story just as she does with us. 

Why startups?

Everyone knows that startups work insane hours. Building something from scratch requires a lot of hard work and persistence. But what some people miss out is the importance of a continuous stream of unique ideas, creative outbursts, unending enthusiasm and energy. How do you think you can achieve this in a busy environment that doesn’t sleep to dream?

Of course, by bringing new people in with their own individual perspectives which could end up sparking new thoughts at the workplace! Having workshops is the perfect breath of fresh air that is both fun and productive. 

Why a micro creator?

In a way, start-ups are the micro creators of companies. They aren’t looming companies with set hierarchies and strict guidelines. They are companies that are finding their groove, open to the world, visionaries that will write our future. So connecting them with fresh faces (micro-creators) will help them enlarge their community and capture the right audience. 

“Young people are the entrepreneurs of the future, and we should be looking to them as one of our sources of innovation for the high streets of tomorrow.”

Theo Paphitis

Why did we think it would be a good fit? 

Rachelle has an amazing story. While others would take around 3 years to prep for a match she did it in just on. She is someone who has experienced the amount of work that needs to be put in to win -  the crazy hours she has spent in a training room, gym or the ring all led up to her victory. Today, she can relate to visionaries (everyone at the start-up) who are also on their way towards a goal. Instead of asking them to ‘take a break’ she would retort with an ‘I understand’ and equip them with further strategies and inspiration to keep their spirits up. 

Joynt as a company also highlights, Mentorship, as one it’s key focus points. We believe that while Rachelle is giving, she is also receiving in this process. The trust she builds with each new person motivates her own personal journey. Everyone who opens up to her because of her workshops will bring a new spark into her life as well. It creates a true sense of community amongst kindred souls.  

What happened at the workshop? 

Time: 1 and a half hour

Rachelle introduced herself and spoke about her story. Then there was an interactive session with the punching bag. Where she taught people a trick or two. Next, she gave everyone practical exercises that they could do on the daily - when they are feeling down or demotivated. The surprise was that after the workshop, a couple of people came up to her and opened up about their own stories. This trust that was built is a true measure of success. Rachelle then had one on one sessions with each! 

The result of the workshop 

Hear how workshops can work for you  

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