Let’s work towards positive mornings!

November 19, 2019

40 Minutes To Shake It Off.

It is a known fact that you need to stay away from the screen before bed. Knowing this fact is not enough, we feel finding things to do to avoid the screen works better. Our trick is to convert the last 40 minutes of your night into an exciting shake it off session! Create a playlist of songs that will 100% get you into a groovy mood and keep adding to it throughout the day. At the end of each night play the playlist and for 30 minutes go through these tasks while just free-flowing with the music.

  1. Choose your outfit for the next day and pack your bag
  2. Check your fridge and see what you can cook up for breakfast (prep)
  3. In your favourite pocketbook (preferably a yellow one - positivity) jot down your top 3 things, you need to get done tomorrow.
  4. Clear up your workspace (If you work at home)

If you finish early, use your last minutes to bust a few moves! On your last song, tuck yourself into bed and head into dreamland.

Refuse To Snooze!

This is incredibly difficult but trust us, it’s not always so. Everything you did the night before is like your first relay racer handing you the baton. You are one positive thought away from springing out of bed. Remember, no screen time. Before you exit the bedroom, this is key, make your bed. This will definitely reduce the chance of you crawling back in hahaha.

Give Yourself Time.

Every day cannot be the same. You could wake up, enthusiastic, unmotivated, grateful or even just MEH! Allow yourself to feel these feelings and make a decision to move forward. How do you ask? MINI JOYS. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting out of bed in the first place. Then do something for yourself. Exercise if you like, listen to an interesting podcast, do a quick sketch, meditate - Do something you love.

If in doubt, go for a walk, sit outside on your terrace or on a bean bag by your busiest window and just find peace in the mundane (great time to have your morning beverage). You could feel nostalgic over a small child heading to school, see shop owners opening their business and having conversations with random passersbys, hear dragonflies buzzing by or birds chirping or admire light streaking through the trees. I'm sure you will find something!


Once you have gathered yourself, take a shower, get dressed, make breakfast and head out to work (or start work - if you work from home)!

Be Kind, Flexible and Organised.

If you travel to work, there will be many forces that could destabilise you. Conquer this by using your headphones to block out the world. Catch up on emails, messages, Instagram, music, quick episodes or short youtube videos.

IF this tactic works, start your day off with the most significant task. You are FRESH, you are DRIVEN and simply flawless my friend!

BUT IF this still fails and you get to work disturbed by something on your travel, be kind to yourself and reorganise your workflow to do something you enjoy before the harder more gruelling tasks. Remember to be organised and message any task-related people about any delays, we would not want any ensuing disasters later in the day.  

We hope this helps you! Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts about these tips on Instagram or by directly contacting us through our email. While being productive is not a must on a daily basis, especially for creatives, we want you to be able to find your way to being productive when you need or want to. The feeling of being lost when you are inspired and ready to create is harmful to your state of mind. So let's rally and try to avoid the avoidable bumps on your journey.