Our Founders in the limelight

October 15, 2019

Because we have chosen such an impactful cause, we are revealing each founder’s honest intention and back-story to reassure you, we truly care!   

Sagar, our pragmatic leader: His origin story is sure to pull on your heart-strings

“My father pursued his bachelor in Fine Arts and even though he landed some amazing shows in famous art galleries like Jahangir, he could never discover his full potential. He had to join a full-time job in a small village (ordinance factory campus, Chandrapur) to take care of his ageing parents and family. This place was far removed from the world of Art in Mumbai.” 

“He tried to revive his art career after his retirement but we lost him just a few years after. The challenges of a creator are numerous and I personally have felt them. We hope to solve some of those challenges through technology and create a platform that would never restrain another artist from feeling free to create and pave their own future,” says Sagar.

Vijay, our persevering mentor: His intention to break the notion of competition and strive for collaboration

“In a different light, this app can also be seen as a sort of mentorship platform for smaller creators and creatives interested in starting out or bettering themselves. This personally speaks to me because I truly believe in the value of that relationship.

“Often a person doesn’t know his or her hidden potential. I always strive to be their mentor and nudge or guide them beyond what they think their limits are.

“I have always tried to develop a team and culture where each member will push each other collaboratively towards the same goal which is also my larger vision for the Joynt community,” mentions Vijay with a smile. 

Vivek, our master magician: His craft, bears the responsibility of creating the network you deserve. 

“As a little bit of an introvert, my fascination has always been to develop technologies to further bridge the gap between like-minded humans. The individuals location or circumstance is never meant to be a barrier. There are so many people who criticise technology for making a divide but I have never seen it that way. Technology creates a platform, a community and conversations, with people who would never have met in real life but feel supported online.

“India’s transformation into a digital India gives us the opportunity to find a way to connect all the cultures through forms of expression that do not involve the language barrier. Joynt is a solution. A solution which bonds creators of every background, culture as a strong community,” Vivek says with a thumbs up.