Remote Waterfalls in different parts of India

December 27, 2019


Aharbal falls

Aharbal Falls is in the south-western part of the Kashmir Valley, 2,266m above sea level. It is known as the ‘Niagara of Kashmir’ mostly because of the force the water cascades down with. This waterfall is formed when the Veshaw River falls 25m through a narrow pass in between granite boulders.

What can you do?  

*The location of the waterfalls itself is truly mesmerising because of the coniferous trees and snow-capped mountains in the background. You will truly be inspired to pick up your camera at this serene scenic location.

*There are fenced terraces that lead you to the viewpoint right by the falls.

*The stream that flows 50 m after the waterfalls is quite known for trout fishing! The fisheries department does offer permits if you would like to spend some time on this activity.

*You could also find yourself on an exciting trek towards the beautiful lake of Kounsernag or on a different route alongside the lake in the Pir Panjal range

Getting there?

Arrive in Srinagar then you can plan a road trip towards Aharbal, which will be about 2 to 3 hours covering around 70 kilometres. On the way, expect to cross apple orchards, few lush meadows and breathtaking landscapes.

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Andra Pradesh

Nagalapuram Falls

Nagalapuram is known for their temple but less so for their beautiful treks and untouched landscapes. The legend of the temple flies back to the beginning of the universe, Lord Vishnu took the form of Matsya Avatar(Fish) to go underwater to retrieve the Vedas after defeating the demon Somaka. He now forever remains at peace at the temple resting and blessing the world with the goddesses, Sridevi and Bhudevi, by his side. Now with an interesting story like that, nature thrives alongside this town and brings us the exciting escapade we deserve.

What can you do?  

*Trekking is a must on this route. But you could choose which waterfall you want to stop at. There are also other trails around the area - which leads into the forest of the Eastern Ghats. You will find yourself in the lap of nature surrounded by local flora, fauna and naturally formed ravines to refresh yourself.

*There are 3 waterfalls on your route. Each of them has pristine pools of cool water, ready for you to take a dip.

*If you are lucky, in the first pool, you may encounter fish which will give your sore feet a spa session!  

*You could also pack a picnic basket if rather enjoy a lazy time by the water with some tasty treats.

Getting there?

You need to set out as early as possible because it's important to be out of the trekking area by sunset. Getting lost at night is not a rare thing because of the remoteness of the area and the lack of proper manmade pathways.

To get to the falls, you will have to pass through the Pichatur town and continue on for 11km to find the Arai village. This is where the base of the trek is. Once you reach there you can ask for further directions and it is also good to recruit a guide.

The first falls is a 6 km walk through plains and each falls after that is about 500m to 2km onwards but obviously, as you go further the trekking route gets more difficult. The pools themselves also go deeper so plan on carrying some safety swimming equipment.

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Sural Falls

Sural falls is not one of the ordinary ones. It is nestled in the midst of the Kankumbi forest, Western Ghats, and it is quite a journey to get to. This area smack dab in the middle of Karnataka and Maharashtra is known as the Venezuela of Karnataka with its dense flourishing greenery. The falls itself falls about 300 feet and is truly a postcard picture of paradise.

What can you do?  

*You can have a fabulous forest trek! It is quite a treat. You will also cross another shorter waterfall on the way called Kalsa. Much later if you would like to continue on to Sural Village you will be truly challenged to do so.

*The viewpoint lies in Goa Madie Wildlife Sanctuary, whereas, the waterfall lays under Karnatakan territory.

*If you have trekked you will be able to lie atop the falls and view downwards into the breathtaking valley. (Bird’s view).

Getting there?

The base town for this trek is a town called Kalsa which is 50 km away from Belgaum. Belgaum city is well connected by trains and flights.


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Wei Sawdong Falls

'Wei' and 'Sawdong' mean square shape. This gorgeous three-tier waterfall is close to Dainthlen falls but is lesser-known. It’s also a bit of a trek to access, just like most of the above falls. You need to be physically fit and cautious as you descend to the waterfall area by using bamboo steps placed by the villagers. A  lovely green shimmer colour and clear water make this waterfall worth a visit.

What can you do?  

*Thre trek to the main area is about 20 mins on a downward slope. It is 200 meters of a steep 75-90 degree walk.

*When you do reach the falls, you are sure to be impressed by the untainted quality of the water and you will fancy a swim.

*If you are good at managing yourself, you can even have a nice picnic!

Getting there?

This falls is about 58 Km from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. This equates to about 2 hrs drive. It is located on the outskirts of Cherrapunjee now called Sohra.

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