Self Care Tips

November 27, 2019


Every creative project is always fresh and exciting in its inception. Trying to keep the same enthusiasm throughout its duration is humanly impossible, especially for projects which could extend through months. There will be days you feel frustrated, impatient or just plain bored. To conquer this, it’s a smart practice to note down 3 intention pointers! You could flip open your pocketbook for a quick fuel-fill of determination (Could be the same pocketbook mentioned last week but separate it in half for 2 uses).

Download and Print this PDF

Small Progress is still progress

Instead of planning your to do’s to finish your larger tasks, break the categories down into segments you can tick off. For example, Instead of putting ‘Get Dinner Ready’, note down:

a. Collect greens and chop veggies for a salad,

b. Chuck the chicken in the oven,

c. Sautee mushrooms,

d. Make sure there is enough ice cream for 4.

If you are having a slower day, maybe go further and make boxes for even smaller subcategories. Every time you check something off the list you will start to feel more productive and work better (Use this tactic to back up your 3 initial tasks - refer to last week). Be kind to yourself.

You first

You aren’t hurting anyone but yourself, if you refuse to take a break. Especially as a creative, you need time to check in on yourself. Take an hour each day to just focus on your state of mind (You could finish this off in the morning as mentioned in last week’s ‘GIve Yourself Time section’ but it will also be useful to do  

Here are so quick ideas:

Go for a walk, dance, take a long bath, meditate, create wishlists on Pinterest, get a massage, bake, free-flow writing session, yoga, lay on the grass, watch the sunset/sunrise, listen to a playlist, indulge in dessert, create an abstract painting, TRY SOMETHING NEW, and more.  

Consider before committing

Creative work relies so much on creative brainstorming, inspiration-seeking and a stable sound mind. This is why you need to take a minute to evaluate the tasks that are offered to you.

Because creative occupations are just now thriving, it is hard for people with more traditional left-brained jobs to understand the creative flow. To help work through this, be overly vocal about what’s on your mind - this gives them a sense of your thought process and helps them be more patient with you. Also, a lot of creatives we are personally acquainted with, have a 3 task rule. Even if they are freelancer it is healthiest when they have only 3 commission works at a time. This gives them enough headspace to truly focus in on every task and not compromise on their health or the quality of work. Of course, you can choose to only have one or two tasks, choose whatever works well.

Social sessions

If you are a lone worker, make sure you get 1 hour per day around people. It doesn’t have to be a large group, it could just be a phone conversation with a friend or even just sitting in the middle of a coffee shop. The point is just to avoid isolation. Let yourself interact with another human being’s energy - this will not only get you out of your own mind, but it might also help you think clearer and find creative revelations.

You are only human

Just because a million cells in your body are keeping you upright and functioning, it doesn’t give you the right to ignore their efforts and power through. Live with a little bit of gratitude! Sleep 8 hours (okay don’t gasp, 6 and a half hours is a minimum), Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day (coffee and tea do not count), and eat something small when you are hungry (even if you end up having 12 healthy-ish snacks instead of 3 meals). You will truly feel the difference once you set your mind to it!